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PAC is a catholic organization, functioning at the parish level, whose primary mission is to deliver the message of Christian Stewardship to all members of the community, calling them to donate their time, talents and treasures for the benefit of their brothers and sisters, while integrating them into a life of service by participating in the organizations, movements, groups and missions of the Parish. PAC serves, helps, supports and integrates the community.

Stewardship is the process to attrack parishioners of the Parish by educating them, so that they can discover the gifts and talents that God has given them. Then we guide them to use them for the good of the community. To help them fulfill their mission by serving others and by being good stewards of creation. 

The Catholic Bishops of the United States teach that Christian Stewardship  receives the gifts that the Lord has given, cultivates them responsibily , shares them lovingly with others and returns them to the Lord. 

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Pope Francis Message on Stewardship


The vocation to guard not only concerns us, Christians, but has an above and that is simply human dimension corresponds to all. Is guarding all creation, the beauty of creation, as told in the Book of Genesis and as shows St. Francis of Assisi is to have respect for all God's creatures and the environment in which we live. Is guarding people, the worry about all, each, with love, especially children, the elderly, who are more fragile and often remain on the periphery of our heart. It is worrying each other. Basically, everything is entrusted to the custody of the man, and it is a responsibility that affects us all. Be stewards of God's gifts.

And when man fails in this responsibility when we do not care for creation and for the brothers, then gaining ground destruction and heart it stays dry. I would ask, please, to all those in positions of responsibility in the economic, political or social, to all men and women of good will: we are "stewards" of creation, of God's enrolled in nature, guardians of the other, of the environment; do not let the signs of destruction and death accompany the way of this world of ours. But to "guard", we must also take care of ourselves. We should not be afraid of goodness, even more, even tenderness.

Saint Joseph appears in the Gospels, as a strong and brave man, hardworking, but in his soul great tenderness is perceived, which is not the virtue of the weak, but rather the opposite: denotes fortitude and attention span, compassion, true openness to others, of love. We should not be afraid of kindness and tenderness. (S.S. Francisco, March 19, 2013)


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